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The main stages of fitness training

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The main stages or periods of training is the preparatory stage, or warm-up, designed to warm up the body; basic, main stage and recovery (hitch).

Being engaged in sports, and fitness in particular, it is useful to keep a diary of trainings. As for perscriptions, you may check here, all information above.

Regardless of the degree of difficulty of the workout, it should begin with warming up the muscles, ligaments and joints. Walking, light running, i.e. exercises to warm up the muscles. Warming up prepares the entire body to ensure that it does not experience strong stress from a sudden change in heart rate. The time allotted for warm-up should be no less than 10-15 minutes.

Duration of training should be determined in accordance with the state of health, the level of fitness of the body to exercise and the tasks that you set for yourself. Before choosing a fitness program for regular workouts, it is recommended to undergo an examination and consult a doctor.

Conventionally, there are 3 levels of physical fitness: high, medium and low. With a low level of fitness, it is recommended to start with the simplest set of exercises and train for 30–40 minutes a day or every other day. With a high and medium level of physical fitness 1–1.5 hours.

If you feel that daily training takes you a lot of energy, plan a workout every 72 hours. This is a general rule because 72 hours – the time required for rest and recovery of the body after stress caused by stress.

At the initial stage of training it is better to train in one program, in a complex preparing all muscles for the subsequent more intensive loads. Each exercise should be performed in several approaches, the number of which is determined by the level of physical fitness. At the initial stage of training, with a low level of physical fitness, it is 2, with an average and high level of physical fitness, the number can be increased to 5. As soon as the muscles get used to the received load, it will need to be increased (the average adaptation time to regular and equal load 10-14 days). The rest period of the muscles should not be too short or long.

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At the end of each workout a hitch must be held. This is the final stage of training, during which the body comes back to normal and the muscles cool down. All exercises should be performed in a slow, quiet rhythm without muscle tension. During the hitch, the body gradually relaxes, and the heart reduces the frequency of contractions, the pulse gradually decreases to the optimal level. In the case of an abrupt cessation of the workout, the heart will continue to pump blood, which will linger in the muscles.