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Fitness for women

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It should be remembered that weight loss programs for men and women are significantly different. This is due to the physiological characteristics of the organisms of both sexes. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the physical condition of the body and the age of the person.

Fitness for young women

At this age, as a rule, the body copes well with the loads, the metabolic processes go smoothly. Effortlessly consumes a large number of calories. It is at this age that muscles strengthen and a base is created for the future: the body as a whole becomes stronger in the long run.

The best type of training is the alternation of various loads. For example, half an hour of charging each day and / or three classes a week for an hour. It is good to do half-hour exercises daily for stretching and endurance (for example, yoga), and to supplement this activity with an hour jogging / cycling, swimming and strength training.

And in addition: it is very good to walk a lot, try not to use the elevator when there is an opportunity to climb the stairs.

Fitness for women over 30

At this age, the female body, not experiencing stress, spends 125 calories less per day than at a younger age; fatty deposits accumulate, bones and joints grow old. Possible lethargy, rapid body fatigue.

Experts advise at this age to engage in fitness for four hours a week, and an hour a week to pay stretching. Useful aerobics, aqua aerobics, swimming, classes in the gym on simulators and weights. The best option – the combination of aerobics and training in the gym.

To preserve health and slim figure, it is necessary to train the musculoskeletal system, especially – not only skeletal muscles, but also the skeleton and ligaments (to combat age-related diseases, such as, for example, osteoarthritis). The best option is to combine aerobic exercises and exercises in the gym (anaerobic exercise).

Fitness for 40-50 year old women

Since the age of 40, bones lose annually up to 1% of their mass, and because of hormonal disorders, fat deposits appear. To reduce the manifestation of these signs should be regularly engaged in sports activity. Experts advise you to do stretching exercises for at least one hour weekly, two or three hours of aerobics or dancing in a fitness center or at home. Hiking and cycling, swimming is useful at any age.

Fitness classes for women over 50 and older

After 50 years, a woman begins to lose muscle mass, the body compensates for it due to fat. Weight gain affects the cardiovascular system and the condition of the joints. At this age, two hours a week should be given cardiovascular training and one hour – stretching. Walking, swimming, morning exercises (yoga and qigong), exercises with small weights (1–2 kg of light weight dumbbells) are recommended, it helps to maintain muscle tone, training the heart and joints.

After 60 years, a gentle exercise regime with a minimum load is recommended. The regularity of classes is very important, it is desirable to conduct classes with a trainer, with its help an individual load will be determined, the most optimal for the organism. Experts recommend half-hour classes five times a week. Walking, biking, swimming, yoga and pilates are very helpful.