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Anabolic steroids and training

Lack of information, haste and arrogance of novice athletes leads to errors.

To lose weight, you need to do more and eat less

This is not true. Intensive training with a minimum of food will break down the metabolism, hormones, the body will be under constant stress and will begin to store the products obtained for a rainy day – in fat. You need to eat in sufficient quantities, and food should be varied and useful.

Wrong ideas about nutrition pursue not only those who set themselves the goals of losing weight or, on the contrary, building muscle, but also those who, striving for a healthy lifestyle, are overly keen on various diets. Read more in the article “9” dietary “mistakes.”

Need to consume a lot of food additives

It is necessary to adhere to the measure. Many useful microelements, vitamins, amino acids and other elements necessary for the human body are obtained from food. Dietary supplements – dietary supplements – are designed to compensate for the lack of nutrients that we receive less from food. Excessive use of them is harmful.

Daily classes will bring the result

Not. Drain the body. Daily training is for professional athletes whose body has become accustomed to serious stress. Your body needs rest – 72 hours. It is recommended to do exercises every day.

The more your weight, the more intense you need to do

You need to do in moderation, without overloading yourself, and giving the body time to rest. With a lot of weight training should be gentle, because the more the body weighs, the higher the load on the heart.

The more exercise, and dumbbells heavier, the faster you can lose weight

No, rather – the opposite. For weight loss need aerobic exercise. Weight lifting does not apply to them. The process of fat burning and muscle building does not go simultaneously, do not mix them in one workout.

Regular exercise helps to quickly increase muscle mass.

They help improve physical fitness. And giving the body a beautiful relief is a long job.

Constantly doing the same exercises will help you lose weight and / or build muscle.

Not. The body quickly becomes accustomed to stress, so each time it spends less and less energy to do the exercise. The exercise scheme needs to be changed.

There is a problem in one zone, you need to work it out.

You need to train the whole body. Muscles develop evenly, and if you work only on, for example, hands, you will not achieve any effects at all, except fatigue.

You can do without a coach

It is possible, but not very reasonable. Especially at first. The trainer – even if you work in a group, and not individually – will show the technique of exercises, systematize the exercises so that they are as effective as possible, follow you and prevent possible injuries, explain the incomprehensible.

Sport and healthy eating are great! Do not give up, and success in achieving your goals!