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3 principles for muscle growth

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All you need is knowledge of the principles of a balanced diet, and a desire to make small changes in your daily diet. With proper meal schedule and regular workouts, your body will become irresistible.

The first principle is eating the right foods that give our body the necessary energy. To feel good and train hard, you must always be energetic. Therefore, the amount of energy that comes to us in the body with food, must match the amount of energy that the body spends. If a person consumes less energy than he spends, then he should lose weight.

In detail about the products that provide us with the necessary energy, we wrote in the article “Vitamins, minerals, trace elements in food”.

To control the number of kilocalories, it is necessary to maintain the correct, and most importantly, constant ratio between the main components of the diet in the proportions 50–20–30. That is, you must distribute food every day so that 50% would be carbohydrates, 20 – proteins and 30% – fats.

The second principle is rule 25–50–25. It must be strictly adhered to those who want to lose weight, as it allows you to adjust body weight, controlling the amount of food consumed for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So, this principle means that 25% of the calories consumed per day should be for breakfast, 50% for calories for lunch, 25% for dinner. You need to eat regularly and distribute calories for the whole day, while limiting yourself at the same time during the evening meal. Even for those who do not need to reduce weight, it is very useful to focus on this formula.

Nutritionists and nutritionists are convinced that if you consume most of the calories by 1 pm, there will be less weight problems. This is due to the fact that the body is more active during the day, which means it will be faster and better able to digest the amount of food that you consumed.

The third principle – Breakfast is very important! If it is good, and the main thing is to have breakfast correctly, then you will not have time to get hungry for dinner, and you will not eat too much. And if you regularly skip breakfast, the metabolic processes slow down. The need for energy decreases and the calories eaten are unnecessary.

But how to force yourself, if you absolutely do not want to eat in the morning?

First, arrange your last meal 3-4 hours before you go to bed. During sleep, digestion is suspended, so that after dinner at midnight you will meet the morning with a full stomach. Naturally, you will not want to eat!

Secondly, it is useful to do exercises in the morning. It happens that the stomach is empty, and the body has not yet woken up. Just in this case and need charging.

Morning breakfast should include complex carbohydrates, proteins and fats. For example, oatmeal boiled in water (or just boiled by boiling water). You can add protein powder and a teaspoon of peanut or any vegetable oil, a little ground fruit or berries. Plus a slice of whole-grain bread, a cup of sugar-free coffee, and a mulvitamin capsule.


For training, energy is needed, which is taken from glucose. But glucose can be obtained from simple carbohydrates – sugar and baking, chocolate and soda, and you can extract it slowly but surely from cereals, fruit, rice or legumes. Give preference to complex carbohydrates in your diet, reducing the amount of simple sugars to a minimum. This will help put all the energy on the work of the muscles, and not on the deposition of excess fat.

It is better to eat often, but in small portions. Eat fractional, avoiding intervals in food for more than 3-4 hours, then you will not experience agonizing hunger, eat a much smaller portion, and all the energy of food will go to the needs of the body.

If you train hard right before dinner – not earlier than two hours before meals, then the proportion of the fat component in the body will decrease sooner. After the evening loads, you will not want to particularly load yourself with food, and your body will not have to strain, digesting kilocalories.

The main thing for losing weight is to reduce the fat content, and not just the loss of kilograms. That is why exercise before dinner in combination with a restrictive diet is an effective way.